About Us

New Bistro Concept

A unique Mediterranean and Persian Inspired culinary experience


Zaferon Grill is a new concept restaurant offering a unique experience inspired by Mediterranean and Persian traditions and flavors. The ambiance is contemporary, casual and inviting. The open-kitchen design allows guests to watch their food being prepared.

Our culinary creations are fresh and nutritious featuring organic, hormone and antibiotic-free meat and poultry, wild caught fish and organic produce finely blended with herbs and spices. All of this is complemented by flat bread baked in-house daily.

There will be something for everyone to enjoy at Zaferon Grill. Guests can enjoy freshly blended juices from the juice bar or one of the many items on the menu which also include gluten free, vegan and vegetarian options.

We use locally sourced products so long as available, and are committed to sustainable practices.


Executive Chef Charles Mullen

Born and raised in the Garden State, started his formative culinary training at the Culinary Institute of America. Upon graduating, he returned to New Jersey to work at the Ryland Inn. There under revered chef, Craig Shelton, Charles embraced seasonal cooking, farm to table cuisine, and worked with world class ingredients for New Jersey’s most distinguished diners. Several stops in other eateries, including the opportunity to work on the opening team of Elements in Princeton, rounded out Charles’ early years in the kitchen. Building on what he had learned, Charles traveled to cities like London, Paris, Montreal, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, and Boston with the sole purpose of exploring the culinary scene. Though trained in French cooking techniques, in his passionate pursuit of quality and excellence, Charles remains enthusiastic about international cuisine and hospitality.


Soody Nelson, Owner

“Growing up, I had a large family,” says Soody Nelson, the owner of Zaferon Grill. “We regularly had friends and relatives dine with us. Our table was always set for 10 or more people, and my mother cooked for twice that in anticipation of unexpected guests, who were always welcomed. She would offer a feast creatively and spontaneously. Every meal was prepared by my mother with fresh ingredients - farm-to-table style. Food was a sensory symphony meant to be enjoyed in its natural, pure state.” These are the same principles guiding the culinary concept at Zaferon Grill.

Just like the dining table from her childhood, Zaferon will be a place for guests to celebrate life’s goodness. “Food is at the center of every gathering and helps people share their care and love for one another.”

The name of the restaurant, Zaferon, is a subtle nod to her roots—it’s the Persian pronunciation of saffron, the trademark spice of Persian cuisine.